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highscoreThis exam is done twice a year, February and July, and takes only three days. The application dates for the law exam for 2015 CBX which will be done on February from 24th to 26th 2015 will start on 1st October 2014. The final filing of the exam candidates will be done on 15th January 2015.

The second exam will be done from 23rd to 25th June 2015 and application starts on 2nd march 2015. The final list of candidates sitting for the exam will be filed on 1st April 2015.

The California bar exam 2015 is made of three sections, the essay section, the performance test section and the multi-state bar examination (MBE)

The first day of examination starts with the essay section. This involves writing of three essays which take one hour each to complete and then three hours for performance test.

The second day consists of the multistate bar examination, which is made of two hundred questions, with multiple choices.

The exam ends on third day. During this day, candidates write three essays for one hour each, and then finish on three hours exam for performance testing, just as day one.

The following are subjects tested in multi-state bar exam

Constitutional Law Contracts/Sales Criminal Law/Procedure Evidence Real Property Torts

The California essay exam tests the following areas

Federal Rules in Civil Procedures CA Civil Procedure California Evidence Remedies Trusts California Professional Responsibility California Community Property Agency & Partnership Corporations California Wills & Succession plus all MBE subjects

Performance test involves closed world practical problems by means of instructions, cases, factual data, statutes and many other reference materials which are supplied by the examiners.

For general exam application, a general candidate pays a total of $614, while for attorneys, they pay $892. Late applications are accepted with a fee of $50 in November, and $250 if you apply in January. These are fines for February exams. Same charges are pressed too for the July exams. This is because there are thousands of applications to be processed by the board, and if you apply late you interfere with their filing.

When applying for the exam, you should use certified mails which have return receipts on request or other certified means like UPS, FedEx among others. The exam application fee is nonrefundable, and one should be sure when spending money on it. In grading, performance test carries 26% of the total marks, essay carries 39% and MBE carries 35% of the total marks scored.

The results for February exam are released early of May, while for July exam are released mid-November. They are emailed to respective students to their email addresses.