Sugar Boosts Catch Up To you

gameon_foodAll those sugary snacks and drinks can catch up to you in a hurry. It’s important to not only keep up with it yourself, but seeing a professional every 6 months is vital to your well-being.┬áMaintaining one’s oral health is one of the best ways to avoid serious medical complications in the future, but any number of mishaps can take place over the years.

Everything from prescription medication to physical trauma can affect the appearance of one’s smile, and when this happens it is only an experienced Valencia dentist that will be able to help a patient reinvent their smile. For those that feel as if they no longer have bright, straight, and healthy teeth, here are some of the most advanced cosmetic options that will often transform a smile in as little as one or two visits to the dental office.

External Discoloration
Discoloration is one of the most common issues that patients must deal with. Some discoloration is caused by more serious damage to the tooth that must be treated, but it can also be nothing more than a staining on the outside of the teeth. From smoking habits to a daily cup of coffee or soda, almost any food that is ingested will alter the appearance of each tooth and only a dental specialist can provide safe, effective, and long-term whitening options. Unlike many household whiteners that use harsh chemicals to strip layers off of one’s teeth, a dentist can target specific areas of discoloration with powerful whiteners that lift the stains from the porous exterior of each tooth.

Internal Discoloration
Internal discoloration can be problematic and is generally indicative of a more severe health issue. This form of discoloration is often characterized by whiter splotches or even a deep shade of gray due to damaged pulp or nerves. This dramatic change in color cannot be remedied by an external whitening treatment. For those that would like a quick and relatively long-term treatment, customized veneers can be casted and applied to teeth in as little as two visits, and with proper care, they will remain vibrant and straight for years on end.

Crooked Teeth and Gaps
Also referred to as malocclusion, a crooked smile is both a cosmetic issue as well as a health issue. When crooked teeth are not fixed as quickly as possible, it will put the teeth, jaw, and neck under an incredible amount of strain which could lead to further damage. Luckily, dentists now have a plethora of options available to them in order to quickly realign one’s smile. For a more permanent solution, either traditional metal braces or clear trays can be used to slowly pull the teeth back into alignment.