5 Ways To Get More Reviews For Your Business

The fact is that a company with 1,000 good reviews is more likely to get noticed than one with only 100. Nowadays, people trust the word of the consumer more than the word of any business. However, most people write business reviews only when they’ve had a really good or a really bad experience. So how do you get more reviews for your business? Here are 5 proven ways to get started.

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Look for many different ways to boost your customers’ levels of satisfaction. Increase your range of products by offering more product colors, sizes, prices and more. Improve your customer service department by cutting down on wait times or hiring more representatives. Another tip is to request customer satisfaction surveys to know how to better serve your clients.

2. Ask for Them

This tip seems obvious, but it’s often the most overlooked one of them all. Simply ask your customers to leave reviews after they’ve purchased your product or service. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who will respond to this basic request. Send them follow-up emails or leave reminder tips on their accounts.

3. Increase Referrals

To have more reviews, you need more customers. One method is to increase the number of referrals being sent to your business. You will need to use the good word of your existing customers. First, ask your long-term customers that have been with the company for years. Also, ask your one-time or short-term customers to refer their friends and families to your business. Consider having a referral rewards program to encourage more customers to follow this procedure.

4. Include a Section for Reviews / Testimonials on Your Website

On your website, include a section where your customers can read reviews and testimonials and post their own. When you have a separate section, it shows people the importance of reviewing products before they buy and of leaving reviews after they buy.

5. Contact Your Bad Reviewers

Some people leave reviews only after they’ve had bad shopping experiences. You cannot control your customers’ personalities or actions, but you can reduce the negative impacts that they have on your company. Talk to the people who leave bad reviews, and based on their responses, learn how you can make improvements. You may not get more good reviews, but you can get fewer bad ones.

Getting customers is a difficult enough task. It’s even harder to get those who will put in a good word for your company or refer other people to your website. Less half of customers take the time to leave reviews, whether good or bad. But there are plenty of ways to make improvements and get more people talking about your business, which leads to more feedback in the end.