How You Can Use SMS Text Marketing

Cropped shot of a businessman using a mobile phone

Want to offer your clientele a new promotion or deal? Are you a local business opening your doors and want to attract more local customers to come to your grand opening? Textedly and SMS marketing campaigns, are a great way to reach a large audience, for an affordable cost, and improving the returns on your marketing dollars. There are several ways you can utilize the power of SMS campaigns, to increase your company’s ROI. 

How to Use SMS Marketing Campaigns

Introduce a product launch, offer a 20% off coupon for first-time shoppers, introduce the opening of your business over the weekend, and more! Regardless of your industry, niche, or the audience you’re trying to reach as a business, SMS text marketing is powerful. You can use it to

  • Reach more people with a single message
  • Send out promos and discounts, to get more customers to visit your site and buy a product
  • Announce a new listing if you’re a real estate agent and trying to get people to show up to an open house
  • Announce the opening of your local restaurant or store, and offer discounts to the first 100 shoppers/visitors
  • Use SMS text as a non-profit organization, to reach out to possible donors for a great cause

The opportunities are endless. You can reach more people, with one message, and increase your returns with the right SMS campaign. 

Why SMS Marketing is a Good Option for Businesses

Okay, so you can reach more people with one message; why else should you utilize SMS campaigns? 

  1. They are easy to use and easy to create campaigns
  2. There’s no guesswork
  3. You can send a mass message to multiple people
  4. Everyone has a mobile phone and consumers prefer text over a call or email
  5. It’s easy to opt-in, and it is affordable

You want your marketing campaign to be stress-free, easy to manage and result in the greatest returns. If you’re using Textedly and relying on the power of SMS messaging, you’re going to achieve all of these benefits. Plus, it’s easy to create a great campaign, there’s little effort you have to put into it, in terms of design work, and you can customize your campaigns, to the audience you’re reaching out to. There’s no single way that a business should utilize marketing campaigns. But, every business can benefit from the power of SMS, and its usability and massive reach, towards a local, national, and even a global customer base.