Know-How To Find The Best For You Loved One

Cremation is increasing in popularity due to the high cost of in-ground burial. This is a decision that must be guided by cultural beliefs as well as your finances. However, you can have cremation followed by a funeral service to allow the family and friends to celebrate the life of the deceased. If you’ve never attended a cremation service before, you may be wondering how long it takes, what to expect, and what guests need to know. A cremation service is planned along the following lines.

The order of the events will depend on the mourners attending the venue and religious beliefs.

Guests gather at crematorium

The funeral service is held in the crematorium or a dedicated hall. You’re given the order of the service including prayers, songs, and readings. The mourners should take a seat before the coffin is brought in. It’s important that the guests arrive on time as the cremation services are held under a tight schedule – preferably 30 minutes before the actual cremation process. Most services take about 1 hour although the family can request additional time.

The service is held

A cremation service can include musical pieces, hymns, and reading eulogies. It can also involve prayers and poems. The coffin is obscured from view to give their final respect. Some of the possible options include moving the coffin behind a glass, curtain, or the building. Generally, the service takes place in a cubicle cremator that can accommodate one coffin at a time. At the end of the service, the coffin is taken into the hearse and then the committal follows. The crematorium staff will name the coffin and give further information. This is what will be used to identify the deceased when the process is over.

Committal begins and guests leave the service

This is the time for the visitors to give flowers and messages of condolences. A funeral director or celebrant will show the guests their way out. If the service is held in a chapel, the guests will be directed on the door to use. You can be sure you’re working with a reliable team at

The wake begins

While this is optional, it brings people together to celebrate the life of their loved one. And depending on the wishes of the bereaved family, the photographs of the deceased can be displayed to help people share memories in a relaxed atmosphere. A funeral director can take the family on the wake and back to their home.

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