Making Slime At Home

Everyone Loves Slime – Especially Cloud Slime

One of the latest DIY trends going on right now is the slime trend. It is not only easy to make, but it also feels pretty interesting and that is why people are so drawn to it. There are so many different kinds of slime that can be made, but one that offers such a pretty appearance and such an amazing feel is cloud slime.

Instant Snow

When learning how to make cloud slime, basically, the standard slime recipe is used, but the additional ingredient that makes it unique and makes it cloud slime is the Instant Snow powder. It is important to note that when you add the water in to make the artificial snow, only use about half the amount of water as you would use for the instructions for the actual artificial snow.

Artificial Snow Equals Cloud Slime

For cloud slime, it is also best to use a slime base that is either over-activated or on the thick side. The reason for this is the artificial snow will cause the slime to melt because of the water that is added to the Instant Snow powder. It does take some time to mix the snow and the slime together so try not to get frustrated during this process.


When you make the slime base, you can use two different kinds of activators. The most common one is borax. The other option is to mix baking power along with some contact lens solution and then mix the two into the glue.


Basically there are only a few ingredients for the slime. That includes the Elmer’s white glue and then as mentioned, the borax or baking power/contact lens solution mixture as well as the warm water. Of course the Instant snow powder is the addition to the this type of slime that is not used for other types. You can also add some food coloring if you want. Go crazy with this if that is your thing. Just remember, that is totally up to you.

The Process

The borax or other option is added to the water and mixed well. You can use hot tap water since the heat in the water makes it work better to mix. Pour the glue and food coloring into a different bowl and mix those. Next you put some of the borax mixture into the bowl with the glue and stir. Keep adding more borax mixture as you are stirring until it feels that it is starting to form. You want to get it to over activate it so it will be very stiff. This is how to make cloud slime.

Final Instructions

The artificial snow is made by putting the powder into a bowl and then adding the water. You just want to add enough water to make it form. Once this is done, then the snow mixture is added to the slime until you have the right consistency. If it becomes too sticky, then you can add more borax to it. If you are not using the slime, then store it in a container that is airtight. That will preserve it much longer.

Go crazy. Slime is the perfect thing to make at home. This is also an easy gift idea and you can personalize it with the various colors that you can make. Everybody loves to play with slime, even if they are afraid to admit it.