Things To Consider Before Selecting A Dog Hotel

Human hotels follow an internationally recognized rating system. When it comes to dog hotels, the rating system is different. The dog hotels range from simple to luxurious based on the location and the services they provide. When selecting your luxury dog hotel for the first time, you should consider some crucial factors before making your final selection.

Maintenance of the place

Some of the dog hotels do not maintain their space. These hotel owners consider that pets can manage in less maintained place. It is a mistake because a less maintained hotel can be dangerous for pets. If you are looking for an example of a maintained dog hotel, you can contact ask them for a visit. When selecting a dog hotel, you should visit the place and be sure that everything is well maintained.

Know everything included in the package

Most of the dog hotels give a price that does not include extra services. In some dog hotels, you have to bring your dog food. They will charge you if you ask the hotel to arrange dog food. Every dog hotel should follow a clear pricing policy like Some hotels provide food and grooming services at a fixed price. You must discuss the services included in the price you are paying.

Emergency preparations

Dog hotels are like human hotels in terms of emergencies. The place has to be well maintained and equipped for any emergency. They must have written protocols when it comes to emergencies. It is crucial to secure your dog before everything else in case of fire or natural disasters.

Staff training

Every staff member of the hotel should be well trained to handle the dogs. They should also answer the queries from the dog owners properly. You can judge the training of the staff by calling their customer representative and visiting the dog hotel. You can also take help from the online community. A lot of dog owner forums can help you in this case. You can view the online reviews of the hotel.

Following guidelines

There are some International guidelines for the way of operating a dog hotel. The hotel should also have the required licenses to operate legally. You can ask the hotel to send you a copy of their license to be sure that they are working legally. If your dog hotel is famous for its excellent services, you can avoid this step. The government set regulations for famous dog hotels.